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MegaNatural® Grape Seed and Skin Extracts

MegaNatural® Grape Seed and Skin Extracts

  • Dry & Liquid Forms
  • MegaNatural® BP
    Grape Seed Extract, patent pending cardiac health claims suitable for liquid and solid dosage
    Grape Seed Extract, patent-pending to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels within the normal range suitable for solid dosage
    MegaNatural® Gold
    Grape Seed Extract, NLT 90% total phenols, suitable for liquid or solid dosage
    MegaNatural® GSKE
    Grape Pomace (skin) Extract, NLT 80% phenols, for liquid or solid dosage
    MegaNatural® GSKE 40
    Grape Pomace (skin) Extract, NLT 40% phenols, suitable for liquid or solid dosage
    Nutraceutical Grade
    Grape Pomace (skin) Extract, NLT 25% phenols, suitable for liquid or solid dosage
    MegaNatural® Rubired
    Whole Grape Extract, suitable for beverages, bars, solid dosage

MegaNatural BP and MegaNatural Gold


Nitric Oxide and MegaNatural BP


Lowering Blood Pressure with MegaNatural BP

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  • Health and nutrition professionals across the U.S. are reading about MegaNatural-GL, the newest member of the Polyphenolics family of ingredients, which is designed to help consumers manage blood sugar spikes and oxidative stress. writer Hank Schultz researched and wrote … Continue reading →The post Major trade publication’s feature article helps Polyphenolics launch its sports nutrition ingredient appeared first on Polyphenolics.

  • Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman Ph.D., M.S., Director of Nutrition, for the Center for Nutrition Research at the Institute for Food Safety and Health at the Illinois Institute for Technology Interview reveals the latest research and advancements on pre-hypertension With an estimated … Continue reading →The post Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman discusses significance of MegaNatural-BP research appeared first on Polyphenolics.

  • Promising results of human clinical studies using MegaNatural-BP were reported in the October 2013 print and online issues of the Journal of Food Science, an Institute of Food Technologists publication that is read by members of the food science community … Continue reading →The post MegaNatural-BP research featured in prestigious international publication appeared first on Polyphenolics.

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