Fibersol® Soluble Dietary Fiber

Fibersol® Soluble Dietary Fiber

Fibersol® is a one–of-a-kind, readily dispersible, tasteless source of fiber with many beneficial physiological properties and a minimum of 90% dietary fiber.

Fibersol® Soluble Dietary Fiber

  • Dry Form
  • Fibersol-2® Soluble Dietary Fiber
    Resistant Maltodextrin, dietary fiber suitable for solid dosage, beverages, bars and powders


  • Strong clinicals
  • Ultra-low glycemic index (less than five)
  • Slow fermentation
  • Masking ability
  • Odorless
  • Low viscosity
  • Acid/heat & freeze/thaw stable
  • Extended


Fibersol-2® is the ideal vehicle to enhance the dietary fiber content of virtually any supplement, beverage or food. Here is a list of potential product categories:

  1. Nutritional/Functional Foods
    1. Energy/nutrition bars
    2. Reduced, low, no fat foods
    3. Reduced, low, no calorie foods
    4. No sugar added foods
  2. Beverages
  3. Dry Mixes
  4. Cultured Dairy Products
  5. Frozen Dairy Desserts
  6. General Processed Foods
  7. Cereals
  8. Confectionery Products
  9. High-Intensity Sweeteners
  10. Snack Foods
  11. Baked Goods
  12. Processed Meats

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Chemical and Physical Properties of Fibersol-2

Acid and Heat/Retort Stable:
Stability to acid and heat/retort processing—including stability in high acid, hot filled, aseptic, or retorted products like juices, sauces, puddings, fluid milks, and sports drinks—is unique. It retains its dietary fiber characteristics and function across all process and post-process distribution conditions. Fibersol-2 fiber content is unaffected by acid and heat.

High Solubility:
Totally soluble in water up to 70% (w/w) at 20 C, allowing it to be solubilized in small amounts of water as needed.

Rapid Dispersion:
Readily dispersible in water and highly compatible with dry drink mix applications, including simple and more complex co-dried or dry-blended mixes.

Slow Fermentation:
Fibersol-2 is fermented slowly, thus producing less acid and gas than most soluble dietary fibers.

Soluble Dietary Fiber:
90% minimum DSB soluble dietary fiber (in accordance with AOAC method #2001.03) and one of the most economical fiber sources available. Fibersol-2, analytically and nutritionally, meets the definition of dietary fiber for nutrition labeling purposes, as published by the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC) and proposed by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Clear, Transparent Solution:
Yields clear, transparent solutions near water-like in performance.

No Inherent or Added Flavors:
Adds no flavor or odor.

Very Low Viscosity:
A precise and extremely low viscosity (15 cps, 30% solution @ 30 C), allowing use rates in excess of 10% without direct impact on the mouthfeel, flavor, and other sensory performance requirements.

Total or partial replacement of fat/oils in formulated foods with Fibersol-2 is an easy and efficient way to produce reduced fat and/or calorie foods naturally.

Binds Water:
"Binds water" but also releases bound water easily, adding perceived moistness to a variety of applications including low water activity products.

Superior Freeze/Thaw Stability:
Flavor, function, and performance of dietary fiber content are stable to repeated freezing and thawing when stressed due to distribution abuse or when used in a variety of frozen foods.

Improves Flavor, Performance of High Intensity Sweeteners:
Modifies and improves the sweetness and aftertaste performance of many high intensity sweeteners; allowing flavor, sweetness, and mouthfeel improvements to a variety of low calorie foods.

Resists Browning:
Does not actively participate in non-enzymatic Maillard Type browning. Although its D.E. designation is similar to 10 D.E. maltodextrin, Fibersol-2 is more stable to non-enzymatic browning than 10 D.E. maltodextrin.

Low Sweetness:
Has essentially no sweetness of its own. Sweetness less than 10% of sucrose is typical.

Low Hygroscopicity:
Very low tendency to pick up moisture from the air. This makes for ease in handling and delivery to point of use; Fibersol-2 can effectively protect dry blends with other more hygroscopic ingredients.

Bioavailability of Fibersol-2
Fibersol-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin, is produced by a proprietary process to purposefully rearrange corn starch molecules to convert a portion of normal alpha 1,4glucose linkages to random 1,2-, 1,3-, and 1,4- alpha and beta linkages. The human digestive system effectively digests only alpha 1,4 linkage. Therefore, other linkages created are resistant to digestion, not absorbed in the small intestine and passed on to the large intestine. Fibersol-2 is partially fermented in the large intestine with the fractions that aren't utilized excreted.

Nutritional efficacy of Fibersol-2
More than 10 years of nutritional feeding studies in animals and humans worldwide as described by Ohkuma & Wakabayashi in Advanced Dietary Fibre Technology, 2001, have shown the direct, or indirect, impact of the bioavailability of Fibersol-2 to...

Help maintain healthy blood glucose levels and subsequent insulin response.
Studies indicate Fibersol-2 can effectively reduce serum blood glucose and insulin levels potentially allowing formulation in foods for diabetics, weight control, and managing serum glucose before, during, and after exercise.

Help maintain healthy levels of blood triglycerides and serum cholesterol.
Fibersol-2 significantly reduces levels of blood triglycerides and serum cholesterol. Additionally, Fibersol-2 effectively retains levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. All this potentially impacts the incidence of coronary heart disease and related diseases.

Help maintain healthy intestinal regularity.
By adding stool volume, moisture, and reducing transit time, Fibersol-2 helps maintain good colon health, potentially reducing the incidence of various types of colon diseases and cancers. In addition, Fibersol-2 has been shown to prevent atrophy of the lining of the large intestine and does not create excess gas associated with some soluble dietary fibers.

Help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.
As a water-soluble fiber, Fibersol-2 can effectively promote the growth of a variety of beneficial bacteria (naturally occurring or ingested as pro-biotics) in the colon. In promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, Fibersol-2 indirectly reduces the presence of undesirable bacterial species. Additionally, secondary and tertiary nutritional benefits from fermentation byproducts such as short-chain fatty acids can add to maintaining good intestinal and overall health.

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